Topics: TraumaForgivenessParentsSexual IntegrityAdult ChildrenTrust
Hosts: Steve ArterburnDr. Dave StoopDr. Sheri Denham
Caller Questions:

  1. How do I bring the peace I find in my sexual abuse survivor group into the real world? 
  2. How do I make peace with my father who does not want anything to do with me or my kids? 
  3. Do I have to have full disclosure of my affairs knowing the pain I will cause my wife? 
  4. My adult child (alcohol and sex addict) lives at home, and my husband and I do not agree on rules. 
  5. My first wife and I want to remarry. How do we overcome our trust issues? 
  6. We are not allowed to see our grandkids. What can we do? 

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