New Life Live: June 24, 2016

From the Archives of New Life Live, This Show Originally Aired on December 2, 2004

Topics: Marriage, Dating, Difficult Conversations, Anger, Alcohol
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. John Townsend, Dr. Henry Cloud

Caller Questions:

  1. How do I get my wife to stop using the book Every Man’s Marriage against me?
  2. Should I tell a fellow church leader that I want to be more than friends?
  3. My family rejected me when I got Lupus; how do I get over my anger towards them?
  4. I resent my husband now that he is drinking again and don’t know how to get over it.

Suggested Resources:
Every Man’s Marriage
How To Get a Date Worth Keeping
Forgiving the Unforgivable
Safe People  (current option for Hiding from Love)

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