New Life Live: March 4, 2013

Topics: DivorceSexual IntegrityAffairsDatingCounseling
Hosts: Steve ArterburnDr. Dave StoopDr. Jill Hubbard
Caller Questions:

  1. Should I let my cross-dressing husband divorce me or stand on faith? 
  2. My husband is getting help after his affairs, but how do I stop hurting? 
  3. I just signed up for Club New Life! 
  4. How can I know this guy I’m dating is serious enough to propose? 
  5. My wife is still private after her affair; should I walk away? 
  6. Is it worthwhile to pursue repressed childhood memories with my therapist? 
  7. I can’t believe my husband is into porn; what do I do now? 

Suggested Resources:
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