New Life Live: May 5, 2017

From the New Life Live! archives, this show originally aired on April 12, 2004classic-fridays-boys-fb

Topics: Boundaries, Separation, Dating, Parenting, Verbal Abuse, Church Life, Newlyweds
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Henry Cloud

Caller Questions:

  1. Am I on the right track concerning boundaries with my irresponsible husband?
  2. Do I want to have kids so I can fix my abusive childhood?
  3. My church thinks my husband is wonderful, but at home he is completely different.
  4. I was kicked out of church for being too real; how do I help my daughter with the same pain?
  5. What do I do after realizing I am not in love with my husband of 8mos?

Suggested Resources:
Changes That Heal
NIV Spiritual Renewal Study Bible  (based on 7 Keys to Spiritual Renewal)
How To Have That Difficult Conversation (updated version of Boundaries Face to Face)
How We Love  (includes material on people pleasing)

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