New Life Live: May 9, 2014


Topics: DepressionParentingWeight GainStressSexual IntegrityMarriageBipolar
Hosts: Steve ArterburnDr. Jill HubbardMilan Yerkovich

Caller Questions:

  1. How do I help my 16yo honor student who no longer is motivated to go to school? 
  2. Is there a connection between insane stress and my weight gain? 
  3. Should my wife require me to take a polygraph test about my sexual integrity? 
  4. What advice can I give my friend with a bipolar fiancée who is not taking her meds? 

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  1. I think the honor student who lost motivation has become depressed and is probably feeling stuck. Perhaps his previous motivation for doing well is gone. Maybe he doesn’t see a way out, confused about his future, or his dream no longer looks available.

  2. I wonder if the honor student is smoking pot. That is something that will cause a person to los their motivation. My prayers go with you and him.

  3. Pat and Carrie, you are right about the 16 yr. old male, there is something going on within. I pray the mother finds a good counselor for him and when she does I pray it helps. That is a very challenging age, especially for young boys/men. It could be a number of things, pot, girls, a past hurt, a wound that needs healing, it’s something.

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