New Life Live: November 16, 2011

Topics: GivingPhilanthropyFinancesTithingSexual Integrity,
Hosts: Steve ArterburnDr. Henry Cloud, Richard Watts
Caller Questions:

  1. Jason Martinkus, Every Man’s Battle presenter. 
  2. I received my ex’s retirement in our divorce; how do I find out why the amount went down? 
  3. Thank you for giving me a new husband after Every Man’s Battle! 
  4. How do I get my wife on board with our finances? 
  5. What is the balance between kids having a job vs. sports and keeping their grades up?
  6. My husband is an attorney; should we tithe only when he gets paid? 

Suggested Resources:
Fables of Fortune: What Rich People Have That You Don’t Want (written by today’s guest Richard Watts)

Link to New Life Live: November 16, 2011


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