New Life Live: September 1, 2017

Topics: MarriageAdult ChildrenSexual IntegrityAffairsParentingBoundaries
Hosts: Steve ArterburnDr. Jill Hubbard, Dr. Alice Benton

Caller Questions:

  1. I have ADD; how do I improve my marriage? 
  2. Do I risk ending the relationship with my husband by withholding that our 21yo daughter is sexually active? 
  3. The father of my son is sexually active with many women; how will that affect my son? Co-parent or run? 

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  1. Kay September 1, 2017 at 5:22 pm - Reply

    Third caller is suffering the consequence of her promiscious behavior. She should have never had sex with her lawyer. Now she is going to be connected to this loser for the rest of her life through her son. She is going to have to constantly hold up this child in prayer so he does not get influenced by her father.

  2. Glenda September 7, 2017 at 1:43 pm - Reply

    Are there laws in her state concerning ethical misconduct on the part of this attorney? He clearly took advantage of this woman at a very vulnerable point in her life, and it appears he does it with other clients as well. This is gross misconduct and he needs to be stopped.

    And to the previous commenter – it was quite obvious from the caller’s explanation of the situation that she was not a promiscuous woman – just a broken and vulnerable woman who was preyed upon by a person who BY LAW was supposed to be helping her. The attorney is a predator and sex addict. While it is unfortunate that the circumstances are not ideal, this child is still a gift from God that only these two people could create. Even if the father is unsuitable in most ways, he is still this child’s father. I think it was in very poor taste to shame this woman by calling her promiscuous.

  3. Ellen September 7, 2017 at 1:53 pm - Reply

    The third caller made a mistake and is trying to do the right thing for her and her baby now. We are all sinful and make mistakes. I pray for continued wisdom and support for Tracy, for her life and her baby’s life.

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