New Life Live: September 12, 2013


Topics: TerminationPornographyLyingCodependencyPhysical AbuseAdult ChildrenDrug Abuse
Hosts: Steve ArterburnDr. Dave StoopDr. Jill Hubbard
Caller Questions:

  1. How can my family and I get through my wrongful termination? 
  2. I can’t believe my husband’s lies anymore after 2yrs of porn. 
  3. My husband does not include me in his decisions; how can I be heard? 
  4. Should I leave my 22yr marriage even though I am afraid of what my husband might do?
  5. My 30yo son has violent behavior when he does drugs; report to the police? 

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  1. Jared Jenkins says:

    Dear Steve & Staff:

    I am curios about the EMB conferences that you guys put on across the Country. Do you have the same people/counselors at all of the conferences or do you have different people in various regions/districts, etc?


  2. Caller #3 has a controlling husband. He is both condescending and controlling to act without her opinion. To sell her horse is mean and insensitive. I would personally leave him and get the horse back

  3. Carly, caller #4 same thing as caller #3. She has been stuffing her feelings because of his boundary-less control and bullying. If she doesn’t take care of the situation, it may all come to the surface and she may shoot him one day.

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