New Life Live: September 20, 2017

Topics: SeparationDrug AbuseAdult ChildrenAnger
Hosts: Steve ArterburnDr. Sheri Keffer, Chris Williams

Caller Questions:

  1. There is no connection with my husband and teen kids; should I leave? 
  2. How do I control my emotions around my 25yo drug addict daughter? 
  3. The first caller should leave her husband; I got better after leaving my addict roommate. 

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One Comment

  1. Linda DeSantis September 21, 2017 at 12:04 pm - Reply

    In response to Debbie from Oakland, I can relate to her about not feeling wanted or important, especially with her immediate family. It was when my two sons became of age that they drew much closer to my husband. I began having these feelings of not belonging or important to them any longer. I knew I was blessed to have such an involved father for our sons, but I can understand now that the dysfunctional thoughts I had of myself were part of my depression. I’m in my sixties now and realize that my depression during my lifetime had so much to do with my negative thinking. I hope and
    pray that Debbie comes to the realization that she is indeed a unique person placed here on earth to be the mother of the children that God gave her and to be the wife of the man she married. How I wish I could do those years of childrearing over. Sadly, I found having an affair made me feel important and wanted, and because of that, I’ve done irreversible emotional damage to my sons and husband. I just want to let the caller know that there’s nothing better on earth than when God allows us to find a marriage partner and in addition blesses us with having children.

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