New Life Live: September 21, 2012


Topics: Intervention, Sexual Integrity, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Affairs, Marriage,
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Dave Stoop, Dr. Sheri Denham
Caller Questions:

  1. My brother is a pathological liar; should I intervene?
  2. I am single and read Every Man’s Battle; what does withdrawal from self gratification look like?
  3. How did my multiple personalities happen if we are supposed to be one spiritually?
  4. Why do I still want my wife of 2yrs who ran off with another man?
  5. My husband always puts his sister before me; how do I make him understand it hurts?

Suggested Resources:
Every Man’s Battle
Book of Life Recovery
Life Recovery Bible
Walking Into Walls


  1. My husband is verbally and emotionally abusive to me. This is my 3rd marriage.
    #1 husband-married 4 years, (before Christ came into my life) was addicted to drugs. Traded me for drugs and eventually threw me out because I would no longer participate in his lifestyle any longer.
    #2 husband, married almost 30years, was addicted to porn, had cheated on me several times when he went on trips. He would say “I got so drunk I forgot I was married”. He used our children as sex objects. Got my daughter out of her self imposed modest wardrobe and dressed her Victoria’s Secret. I spent 13 years separated and alone so I could recuperate and go to DIVORCE CARE.
    #3 current husband married 4 years. Told me he was a Christian when we me yet insisted on sleeping with me. He Insisted I go to his church. Later during I questioned his faith and became very hostile and angry about it. I let it go.
    I married him several months later. He has become increasingly hostile over little thing. Counselors are suggesting I leave him, but I do not want to fail at one more thing. He has also threatened/promised to make my life miserable.

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