Powerlessness And How It Can Help You

Most of us hate feeling powerless and indeed, it is not very good for us especially for extended periods of time. It can lead to depression, anxiety, outbursts of anger, alienation from others, physical symptoms and, in it’s trauma form, it can lead to the symptoms of Post traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD (e.g. nightmares, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, and loss of concentration or memory to name a few)

Sometimes powerlessness comes from circumstances we have little or no control over. Other times it comes from the consequences of our actions. The latter can be even more frustrating because we may say, “I could have done something different”. We ruminate and replay the situation over and over. This can be helpful if we can process it into lessons learned, insight, awareness about others, or ourselves and character growth.

It is interesting to note that sometimes powerlessness can be very powerful. When Jesus surrenders to the cross, His powerlessness redeems the whole world. This is illustrated, again, in the fictional Star Wars movie were Obe Wan allows himself to be slain by Darth Vader only to come back as a ghost to aid Luke in fighting the Empire. The Apostle Paul talks about his powerlessness with an affliction he has and how it helps him grow and be empowered. Joseph’s powerlessness in the Old Testament is the seed for his rise to power in the house of Pharaoh. Despite his brother’s plot against him, he is faithful and God sends him before his family to redeem them in their day of need. After they realize that the brother they sold into slavery is now in power over them, the brothers hear him say “You meant it for evil but God meant it for good”

Dealing with powerlessness is a tricky matter sometimes.

First we must realize that powerlessness in not necessarily, hopelessness.
Powerlessness may just mean you are not in control right now.

Second, it is important to admit our powerlessness to God and others.
This gets us out of the way sometimes and allows God to work in areas where we do not have the ability or opportunity to change things. Telling others about our powerlessness can be a request to help with need and, as a part of that, a place to get emotional support through listening, different perspective, advice, shared troubles/grief and accountability to change course as well as giving us structure.

Third, deal with powerlessness by processing it.
Write down what you are feeling and thinking, what you believe about yourself, the situation, what you may have done that contributed to the situation, what others may have contributed to the situation and what is purely circumstantial. Try to avoid “All or Nothing” thinking. The “All Is Lost” mentality is not very helpful. Slowing things down and evaluating the situation is usually better in the short and long run. Nehemiah puts this into action when he feels powerless at first to deal with greedy nobles who are loan sharking their fellow Hebrews right back into slavery. He slows down his anger and brings the nobles to task.

Fourth, after the initial shock wears off, try seeing where the processing leads you.
What does it tell you about the situation, yourself, others involved, your motives, your priorities, lessons learned, and how you can grow from it.

Over all powerlessness is not something to be desired but it is, essentially, unavoidable in life. How we deal with it and use it to grow and move closer to God and others is the key.


  1. This is from Nature Very Normal,to worries about our future,job,health,family,e.t.c, to an EXTENT.
    But the fact is when you write down every month or every 6months,or every Year your Goals, on a piece of Paper, put it in your BIBLE,pray&fast about about it,or let church prayer group help also to pray,it works.
    And WORRIES DOES NOT CHANGED any Situation.and is the Devil only WEAPON,to make people FEAR and Worry.
    and to lose Focus from Words of God which have POWER,and other physical activities,that we improve your situation.
    SECRET:- PRAY,FAST&Try to be always Busy and Help less priviledge people& you we be Fine,God Bless.
    Yours Truly.

  2. Dear Tony, Right now I am sitting in my livingroom, watching New Life on TV, which brought me here. I should be working but took a ‘sick’ day because I’ve reached a point in my life, after many years of struggling, that I am emotionally paralized with depression. It is all I can do to breathe. I can empathize with what you feel, how you view things. The only thing that keeps me from ending this misery is that I believe that decision will eternally separate me from God. I feel so abandoned by everyone, and at times like this, even by God Himself. What else can one do when everything and everyone seems to disappear from your life. My whole world is now brought down to a box with four walls, silent and soul-sucking. The world tells me I am not worthy of being loved. When God is silent, true or not, I feel He sees me the same way. I don’t know the answer to what I am going through or what you are going through…I wished I did. I pray Jesus would hurry and come back because I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. Suicide is NOT an option, but I cannot endure this ‘hell’ much longer. May God, in His great mercy and great compassion, grant your THE ANSWER.

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