Prayers of Gratitude for God’s Healing Hand

Thank you Lord for saving me, a child worn and tattered. I never thought my life was worth, anything that mattered. “I gave you breath! How dare you, child! My choice to give you life, and nurture you each day through, until you had a voice. You’re not so worn as you might think, your edges needed rounding. So through my grace and loving hands, you have a voice that’s sounded. For when you pray, I hear your soul, and in my heart, you’re home. So keep on praying – needfully – because you are MY OWN!!!

The Long Dusty Road

You’ve called me back from the long dusty road
That I traveled so long carrying quite a large load.
Guilt was my cargo and shame tied the knots,
On every bag of garbage I believed was just my lot.

It somehow seems strange that today when I looked,
The baggage seems lighter, and my back is not so crooked.
Is it possible that God could see, I’d grown bent beneath the weight
Of all the burden I believed was mine, and maybe it’s not too late?

To come home to the Master, while His arms he’ll open wide
To let me in so I can know, I no longer need to hide.
His grace is bigger than all the earth, and a drop of it he gave,
When I prayed, “Dear father, help me please”, and then I did obey.

He reached right down and with his hand, he loosened all the knots,
And what fell out was all that shame, and the guilt rolled out on top.
The pile was high, I could barely see, and I feared the worst would come,
“You’re not good enough, I’ll throw you back, I’m looking for the One –

Who’s clean inside and has no sin – it’s not you I’m looking for!”
But just then when I looked again – the pile fell to the floor.
The pile now was only dust, no more, the guilt and shame were gone.
With one deep breath, God blew away the burdens I had worn.

On my back were angel’s wings, I felt lighter than a feather –
And when I looked into His face, I clearly saw my Father.
“Child”, he said, “it saddens me, the road you walked was long –
But my heart leaps today with joy, for your burdens now are gone!”

So each day when the load feels heavy
And you’re weighted down with stuff,
Look into God’s glorious face
And know you are enough!!

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