Beware Of Toxic Teachings

One of my personal heroes, Chuck Swindoll, recently mentioned my grandmother in a sermon drawing from my book “Toxic Faith.” I was thrilled, and I want to remind you of some of the teachings in a toxic faith church that can really destroy your faith and even your life. See it here.


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What is Borderline Personality?

We received a few emails asking about the diagnosis of “borderline” personality.  Did you know it originally referred to being on the borderline between psychosis and neurosis? Dr. Henry Cloud is with me to explain the disorder. Check it out here.


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Married to Someone I Have Never Loved

Rick sent us an email telling us that he’s been married to his wife for 19 years, but has never loved her. He describes her as a person who is not very caring or loving, even with her own children.   Should he walk away from the marriage or take steps to restore it?   Find out here.


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Afraid to Leave Grown Daughter Behind

Steve has some short and sweet advice for Maria who wants to move to California but she doesn’t want to leave her 33 year-old daughter to fend for herself…   #WATCH more.


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What Will The In-Laws Think?

Joanne’s husband told her that he is not longer in love with her and wants a divorce. She is plagued by worry about what her in-laws are going to think of her.  She is worried about her reputation.   Hear what I have to say:

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We Need To Talk

These five words that strike fear into the hearts of husbands everywhere, and they might even be the five most feared words in marriage.   Here are some strategies to make this conversation a productive one, not a scary one!  Check it out!

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Long Distance Disaster

Debbie thought her marriage of 32 years could withstand her husband taking a job out of state, but now her husband is with another woman and wants a divorce.  Should she fly out and confront him face to face? Or let the marriage go? What do you think? Find out now.


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If I Disagree, It Causes Too Much Tension

A subscriber wrote in asking “How can I disagree with my “pleaser” husband without making him feel inadequate?” She described him as becoming rattled & defensive to the point that she was starting to become panicked and avoidant. Milan Yerkovitch has some analysis and advice for her. Watch for more.

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Taking Responsibility

Some Christians are waiting for God to do what God is waiting for them to do…and that’s taking responsibility for our own actions as they relate to our spiritual growth. We have to be willing to be responsible, and not just pray for God to take care of it for us. Watch the video for more.

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My Biggest Blessing

Ever wondered how Steve met his lovely wife, Misty? Steve puts it like this: “Of all the blessings in my life, none compares to the day my wife, Misty, walked into my life.” Click on the image below and watch Misty share their story. And if you have not already checked out our new TV Channel, you can check it out here.