New Life Live Webinars

What is a webinar? A Webinar is a live, one hour, on-line seminar and New Life Live is offering them to our listeners. All are LIVE and FREE and all you need to do is click on the webinar of your choice to register. We’ll instantly send you an email with details on the appointed day/time to participate.

Webinar FAQ

If I register, will my full name appear online during the webinar? What information about participants will others be able to see during the webinar?
None of the info that was submitted will be visible to the public. There is an option to tweet your questions…if you choose to login to those social networks your username will be visible.

I will not be able to attend any of the webinars. Will these be offered in the future or are they available to view at a different time?
Once the webinar is recorded, we make the video replay available, exclusively within the Club New Life Community.

Can I let my family know about this webinar?
A very big YES! Please let your family, friends, church pastors, counselors…everyone, about this event choose one of these ways to share with others…