When People Behave Badly

“Bad temper is contagious—don’t get infected.” – Proverbs 22:25

Sometimes people can behave badly . . . very badly. When other people are unkind to you, you may be tempted to strike back, either verbally or in some other way. Don’t do it! Instead, remember that God corrects other people’s behaviors in His own way, and He doesn’t need your help (even if you’re totally convinced that He does).

So, when other people behave cruelly, foolishly, or impulsively—as they will from time to time—don’t be hotheaded. Instead, speak up for yourself as politely as you can, and walk away. Then, forgive everybody as quickly as you can, and leave the rest up to God.

We are all fallen creatures and all very hard to live with.   C. S. Lewis

A keen sense of humor helps us to overlook the unbecoming, understand the unconventional, tolerate the unpleasant, overcome the unexpected, and outlast the unbearable.   ~Billy Graham

Bear with the faults of others as you would have them bear with yours.   ~Phillips Brooks

From what does such contrariness arise in habitually angry people, but from a secret cause of too high an opinion of themselves so that it pierces their hearts when they see any man esteem them less than they esteem themselves? An inflated estimation of ourselves is more than half the weight of our wrath.     ~ST. THOMAS MORE


Dear Lord, sometimes people behave badly. When other people upset me, help me to calm myself down, and help me forgive them as quickly as I can. Amen


  1. THE hardest thing that I go through on a daily basis is the behavior of people in the body of Christ who treat others so very poorly. It makes me sad that the nonbelievers at my work usually have my back more than those who we serve in the flock.
    There is no reason for it and I do not understand it.
    I do know that it happened to Christ too and that somehow he was able to keep himself focused on the goal without getting all caught up in the emotion of how they should have acted.
    May Christ be pleased in the way I treat those who are not treating us fairly, kindly or in the way I think they should. This is my prayer and my hope—that no matter what—Christ would be seen in me, and that he would give me the power, courage and strength to do it.

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