Take Your Life Back Intensive Workshop

Take Your Life Back Intensive Workshop 2018-02-02T09:20:01+00:00
“I felt frozen and stuck after my divorce 2 years ago. This has been a transformational experience that can help me in taking my life back and start over.” – M, TYLB attendee
“This weekend was eye-opening. I felt I mattered and that I was heard. I am leaving with a new hope. If I stay on “my side of the street” I will have peace and honor my authentic self, and will be living the life God has called me to live.” – Lynne, TYLB attendee
“To anybody considering this workshop, you will spend a huge amount of money and time getting this much help at home. If you are shy, this workshop is very, very non-threatening. You can do this!” – Jeff, TYLB attendee
“I have been trapped in a cycle of shame that was so bad it affected my family life. I felt so lost, that I started giving up on everything. It felt better to be numb than to feel what I was feeling. This weekend was an eye- opener. I discovered that I’ve never grieved. I felt safe and not judged, it was amazing.” – T. TYLB attendee
“If you have an emptiness inside of you that you cannot fix; if you continue to be stuck in your struggles and find yourself in reactive mode-acting out in anger or internalizing the bitterness, this workshop is for you. New Life is a model of God’s plan for healing and growth.” – Cindy TYLB attendee

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Workshop Speakers:

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