Make My Gift

Alan had a serious weight issue and in 2004, he decided to pick up the book Lose It For Life.  As he read, he recognized that in addition to carrying around extra weight, he’d also been carrying around destructive baggage from growing up with an abusive dad. He came to the frightening realization that he was now doing to his kids what his dad had done to him.

That realization was enough to get Alan on a plane to a New Life workshop.  Although that workshop wasn’t focused on weight loss, it planted the idea that things could be different in his life and set him on a journey of healing old wounds.

With steadfast dedication, Alan peeled back layer after layer until these wounds were no longer controlling his current life. In humble gratitude, he rejoiced knowing that he would be the transitional generation in his family and that his kids would have a much healthier dad than he had.

Free from the emotional baggage that had been weighing him down, Alan began to lose weight and over time, shed 140 pounds.  Alan’s journey to wholeness continues today, aided by New Life books and resources.

As a longtime donor to New Life, Alan shared why he gives: “We have given for the past 14 years because I can never repay New Life for the difference it’s made.  We’re a changed family; our family tree is forever different.  It’s been everything –  the change in my life, the radio program, the workshops, the phone coaching, and the books.  Thank you for how God is using you!”

There are countless others like Alan who are looking to work through the pain in their lives to better reflect what God wants for them. Your support makes that possible. Please make a donation today, so others can also say I am changed; my family tree is forever different!”

You make great things possible when you partner with New Life Ministries!

Every gift puts us closer to our goal, and to say thank you for a gift of any amount, we will send you a lovely New Life wooden Christmas ornament. Each year it will serve as reminder that because of your generosity, countless people are celebrating the holiday with loved ones due to experiencing life transformation.

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