13 Steps for Overcoming TemptationFrom the book, Growth Has No Boundaries, by Henry Cloud and John Townsend

We are all tempted. Even Jesus was tempted, but he did not give into his temptation. And by God’s power we, too, can overcome temptation in our life. Dedicate some time and thought to each of the following steps and see how God works in your heart. How? Here are some tips to help you stick with your recovery.

  1. See yourself as both powerless and responsible for your sin. Die to any model of thinking that says willpower will suffice and that if sin is ruling over you, you can just “do better.” That is deluding yourself.
  2. See the seriousness of your sin and its destructiveness. Find the ways by which you have denied how it is keeping you from experiencing all that you want to have in life with God and with other people.
  3. Take responsibility for your sin—honestly and squarely.
  4. Realize that personal sin is not the cause of everything bad in your life because you live in a fallen world. See also where other people’s sin is responsible for bad things in your life.
  5. Get rid of the law in your life and the cycle of trying harder, failing, going into condemnation, and then trying harder, and begin living by the Spirit.
  6. Enter into the whole process of spiritual growth as you fight against sin. Make sure you fight sin not with a few of the weapons God has provided, but rather with the whole arsenal.
  7. Face rebellion directly. It is one of the worst sins there is, and it will destroy you.
  8. Have an overall orientation toward repentance.
  9. Give no excuses for your sin.
  10. Make sure you have a view of sin that is not just external but also internal; and be sure you have a place that encourages you to deal with internal sin with God and others.
  11. Face and deal with the needs and deprivations that may be driving some sins. Find where you are separated from the life of God.
  12. Ask yourself where you are not avoiding or fleeing temptation. God has promised a way out. Make sure you begin fleeing instead of thinking you can withstand temptation.
  13. Take a deeper view of sin whereby you see the effects of original sin and how it is operating in your life. See where you have disconnected from God as the source of life, and recognize that your relationship with God and others is key to your recovery.

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