3 Things We Must Admit for RecoveryOur core beliefs become skewed when we’re sexually addicted. Our actions and reactions to life are predicated on our core beliefs. So if they are slightly out of whack, not grounded in biblical truth, or altogether false, we’re going to stay stuck!

Here are 3 core beliefs we must acknowledge and admit in order to see our sanctification and recovery process move forward.

1 – BELIEF: Sex is vitally important to our well-being.
ADMISSION: Sex is something we’ve come to value too highly, and we are willing to trust God with it.

It can be a huge hurdle to surrender sex. We say we trust God with our finances, our health, our business, our kids and their health, etc. etc. But trust God with our sex? Let Him be in charge of whether or not we ever have it again? Yikes! But that fundamental shift is absolutely necessary if we are to find freedom.

2 – BELIEF: If anyone knows the truth about my struggle, they will reject me.
ADMISSION: We have to face rejection to find freedom.

We hate rejection. Even the little tinge of rejection we feel when we’re at a summer BBQ with folks we don’t really know, and it seems we’re the odd man out for the conversations going on. Yuck. Hate it. That little tinge of rejection is amplified exponentially when it comes to shameful things like sexual struggles. We’re afraid of being found out. Yet being found out could be the best thing that’s ever happened to us. Freedom is found in facing our fears –- especially rejection.

3 – BELIEF: My life goes well when I’m in control.
ADMISSION: I am NOT the best CEO of my life.

This is a tough one to learn. Over and over again. And over. Again. When we think we’re the best person to be in charge of our life, something inevitably and divinely happens to remind us that that’s just a myth. When we think we’ve got it altogether, we’re kidding ourselves. The objective truth is we may be able to manage some things really well. And the objective truth is also that when we try to manage every thing in our lives, we blow it up.

Learning to surrender to a process and a path outside of our own brilliance will allow us to experience freedom. Control is an illusion and when we turn our life and will over to God we will know the True Truth of our lives. We are not the best CEO — and that is exactly why we need a savior!