1. 31 Affirmations to Take Your Life BackSeeing: I will reject distortions and manipulations of the truth. I choose to see others as they really are and to see myself as I really am.
  2. Surrendering: I will resist the urge to take control. I choose to surrender to God and His wisdom.
  3. Feeling: I refuse to numb myself. I choose to honor my feelings and what I can learn from them.
  4. Believing: I reject crippling doubt. I choose to believe that God is real and that He cares for me.
  5. Healing: I will allow nothing and no one to take control over me. I surrender to the healing power of the Holy Spirit.
  6. Choosing: I refuse to believe the lie that I am stuck forever. I exercise my freedom to choose to do the next right thing.
  7. Searching: I reject distortion and manipulation. I search for wisdom and truth from God to guide me in all I do.
  8. Connecting: I reject isolation, detachment and darkness. I choose to connect with God and others and to walk in the light.
  9. Belonging: I no longer feel rejected or abandoned. I recognize that I am included, and I belong to God and to God’s people.
  10. Receiving: I am no longer bound by the demands and neediness of others. I receive from God and from others.
  11. Agreeing: I renounce half-truths, shame and toxic distortions of reality. I agree with truth and everything that brings life.
  12. Reflecting: I am no longer fearful of quiet and stillness. I choose to reflect on my life and learn from my experiences.
  13. Stabilizing: I avoid the chaos that accompanies sickness. I choose stability.
  14. Learning: I will live beyond the immediate urges and impulsive drives. I choose opportunities to learn and grow.
  15. Building: I am no longer falling apart. I choose to build up others and myself in body, mind and spirit.
  16. Growing: I can tolerate discomfort. I choose to grow in my relationships with God, other people and myself.
  17. Integrating: I no longer accommodate splintered pieces of myself. I choose to integrate all of who I am to become a healthy, whole and functioning individual.
  18. Forgiving: I no longer harbor bitterness and resentment. I choose freely to forgive others.
  19. Resolving: I no longer flee from conflict or avoid confrontation. I choose to resolve issues with others to promote peace, reconciliation and healing.
  20. Restoring: I no longer steal freedom from others or allow them to steal mine. I choose to restore what has been lost.
  21. Reaching: I no longer wait for others to notice or validate me. I am reaching out to others when in need.
  22. Sharing: I no longer hoard possessions, talent or time. I choose to share gracefully all that I have been given from God.
  23. Serving: I am no longer enslaved to serve others under compulsion. I choose to serve with gratitude because God has called me to do it.
  24. Giving: I no longer rob others of their time, confidence or reputation. I choose to give from the abundance I have been given.
  25. Leading: I no longer allow others to determine my course. I choose to stand up and lead others to a new way of living.
  26. Providing: I no longer take whatever I can get from others. I provide others with time, attention, encouragement, affirmation and respect.
  27. Utilizing: I am no longer afraid to ask for help. I reap the benefits of the resources that enrich my life.
  28. Comforting: I am no longer the victim of another’s neglect or cruelty. I take time to receive and experience comfort from God, others and myself.
  29. Experiencing: I am no longer bullied by distractions and obsessions. I choose to experience being fully present wherever I am.
  30. Protecting: I avoid dangerous people and places. I protect the gains I have made by investing in those who help me stay grounded in reality.
  31. Persevering: I am no longer a victim of my past. I persevere through difficult times to experience the blessings God has for me and for those I love.

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