9 Ways to Lose It For Life

  1. Write It Down.
    You think you’re eating healthy foods and the right amounts, but are you? Instead of assuming what you’re eating, write it down. Or even better, get a weight loss app and record everything you eat and how much. This will open your eyes to any mindless eating that you may be doing. Several studies have shown that keeping a food diary will help you lose more weight than if you don’t.
  2. Say No To Soda.
    An easy way to lose weight is to get rid of soda—even diet soda! If it’s hard for you to stop drinking soda, try simply replacing it with sparkling water or unsweetened iced tea, maybe add a slice of lemon. Don’t drink your calories, instead hydrate with water and healthy drinks.
  3. Enjoy your meals.
    Too often, we eat our food in a hurry. Eating quickly can mean we consume much more than we need or planned to eat. Take time when you eat, set the table, turn the television and devices off and spend time with your family or friends. By turning off the distractions, you can enjoy your meals. As a result, you will be much more aware of what you are eating and how much.
  4. Know When You Are Full.
    While you are eating, think of your hunger as on a scale of 1-10. One being you feel so hungry you could faint; five means you would be slightly full. But if you were a 10, you would’ve eaten too much and would be so stuffed that you feel sick. After you finish a meal, try to make it a goal to stop when you are full, you end a meal or snack feeling satisfied and energized.
  5. Get Plenty Of Rest.
    Studies show that not getting enough sleep can lead to weight gain. Being tired and having a hectic lifestyle can lead to weight gain. You may be tempted to turn to junk food or fast food or sugary sweets to pick you up. A better way is to lower your level of stress and get enough sleep.
  6. Stay Connected To Others.
    As you strive to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to find connection. We read in Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” Research shows that if you join a support group or see a counselor, you’ll be more successful at losing weight. Join a Life Recovery Group such as a Lose it For Life Group—it will help you keep the weight off permanently.
  7. Stop Eating White Foods.
    Eliminating or avoiding white foods will help you lose weight for life. This means you should avoid eating foods like:

    • refined white sugar
    • white flour
    • white pasta
    • white bread
    • table salt
    • potatoes

    Your diet should be comprised primarily of healthy foods such as lean protein, healthy fats, greens, low-glycemic fruit, and complex carbohydrates. When you stay away from white foods and add healthy foods into your diet, you will start to stabilize your blood sugar.

  8. Take Small Steps—Produce Big Results.
    If you’re out of shape, exercise can seem intimidating. Movement is necessary for a healthy life. Begin to walk for 5-10 minutes each day—after it becomes a daily habit, try to work your way up to walking 20-30 minutes most days a week. Walking has been shown to alleviate depression, lower anxiety, and help with weight loss. You can also try to learn some strength training, or stretching, perhaps connect with a trainer. Over time ‘moving‘ becomes your way of life!
  9. Go Deeper With God.
    Faith is a key component to losing weight. Instead of turning to food to meet your emotional needs, turn to God. The Bible puts it this way, “Let the message about Christ, in all its richness, fill your lives. Teach and counsel each other with all the wisdom he gives. Sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs to God with thankful hearts,” (Col. 3:16). Ask God to reveal the hurts or issues in your life that you might be ‘feeding‘.

Do you need help losing it for life? If so, consider attending our Lose it For Life workshop. You can also get Steve Arterburn’s book, Lose it For Life. If you’ve attended the workshop, consider joining Sustained Healing or a Life Recovery Group. To register for the workshop, order the book, or find a Life Recovery Group in your area, give us a call at 800-639-5433.