Audio Testimonies: How New Life is Making A Difference

If you’ve listened to radio the last couple of days, we’re making a special appeal to help us meet our budget, which includes catching up with what we owe our radio stations for air time expense. PBS does a fund raising drive for their TV stations and for their radio stations. K-LOVE radio does the same thing, where they interrupt their programming to make a special statement of need. That’s what we’re doing for a few days.

Our biggest radio station provider, Salem Media Group, came to us recently and asked us to do it again, (we’ve done it twice in the past 10 years) so we can re-gain our footing and get back on top again.

Our request is simple, make a gift today—a one-time gift, any size. Every gift is important, whether it’s $5, $50, $500, or more.

We need a strong response to our broadcast and to this email to avoid the possible consequences of losing some radio stations. We have plans to expand our footprint, but we can’t do that until we get back on top. We don’t want to lose coverage—we want to increase it!

Here are a few testimonies to remind you of how God has worked recently through New Life. And when you listen, think about what Raj, Charles, and Jill’s life would have been like had they not engaged with New Life. That’s why we need you to give!

Below is an excerpt from a letter written by Suzanne, a listener who heard Charles’ story:

Listening to you speak with Charles today was very moving. My first thought was “thank you God for this radio show that Charles could call“. And then, all three of you were so very kind and loving. You gave him HOPE . You give people hope every day, but this was not your average caller.

Satan wants otherwise. Yesterday, just before going on air, we resolved a technical difficulty that had it not been resolved, would have prevented our airing the first day of this three day appeal. That would have really pleased Satan. But God was with us, that technical difficulty was resolved and we were able to air our program live, as planned.

It’s easy to over spiritualize, but we’re here to tell you, God’s hand is on this ministry. We see life change after life change. And your gift of support would put an “Amen!” on God’s hand being on this ministry!

Many ministries can give photos of kids and situations that legitimately tug at your heart. We can just give you example after example of lives that are forever different because God did a work through what we do here at New Life. But it’s hard to put a photograph to that emotional and spiritual growth.

Please make a gift today. And consider joining Club New Life, our monthly giving program. Just call 800-NEW-LIFE (639-5433).

We can’t thank you enough for partnering with New Life. God is a work through what we do and we believe he wants it to continue—we hope you do, too, and will make a gift today!