A Recovered Life
Life Church, TN 8/28/2022

Road Trippin’: A Field Of Dreams
Northview Church, 7/31/2022

Road Trip – Character
Madison Park Church, 7/10/2022

Sermon on the Mount
Heart of the Springs Church, 2/6/2022

5 Words That Will Change Your Life
Trinity Church, 1/15/2022

Triumph Over Stressful Times
Saddleback Church, 10/23/2021

How to Heal Damaged Emotions
Heartland Church, 9/26/2021

Summer at Northview
Northview Church, 6/28/2021

Biblical wisdom regarding the election.

The Mentally Healthy Believer
Northview Church, 9/6/2020

Made for More
Northview Church, 3/1/2020

This Changes Everything
Northview Church, 12/1/2019

Follow Me
Northview Church, 9/1/2019

12 Steps for Anyone
Northview Church, 7/14/2019

Watch What You Are Doing
Heartland Church, 6/23/2019

Northview Church, 5/26/2019

Changing the Way You Think About Love
Saddleback Church, 3/10/2019

This Is Us – Thanks for Nothing
Northview Church, 11/25/2018

God, Truth, Marriage, & Magic
Brandywine Community Church, 10/14/2018

Observing Labor of Love
Northview Church, 9/2/2018

The Truth Will Set You Free
Ocean City Tabernacle, 8/12/2018

Running the Race
Northview Church, 6/17/18

Bible-Ish: Straight Out of the Bible
Northview Church, 5/29/18

Hooked: Unhooked by Steve Arterburn
Heartland Church, 2/25/18

Tough Questions – Abortion
Northview Church, 2/4/18

Northview Church, 11/27/17

The Truth Will Set You Free
Northview Church, 9/3/17

God’s Ultimate Fool & Relational Failure Prevention Program
Northview Church, 7/3/17

Mysteries From The Deep (Love Of God)
Northview Church, 6/18/17

Who Do You Think You Are? Defeating The Lessness Monster
Northview Church, 6/17

The Sensational Summer of ‘17
Northview Church, 5/28/17

If That Isn’t Enough
Northview Church, 4/9/17

The Responsive Life
Northview Church, 2/27/17

Take Your Life Back
Northview Church, 2/20/17

Reactive Living
Northview Church, 2/13/17

Losing Yourself
Northview Church, 2/6/17

Regional Convention – Session Five
Church of God Ministries, 2017

Regional Convention – Session Four
Church of God Ministries, 2017

Beyond Thanksgiving
Northview Church, 11/27/16

Northview Church, 9/30/16

You Asked For It – “Help Me Change”
Heartland Church, 9/25/16

Every Man’s Battle
Northview Church, 7/16

Healing is a Choice, Risk
Northview Church, 6/16

Healing is a Choice, Breaking
Northview Church, 6/16

Healing is a Choice, True Truth
Northview Church, 6/16

The One Thing – “More Jesus, Less Religion”
Heartland Church, 6/21/15

The Calling Of A Strong Mother
Heartland Church, 5/10/15

From Stressed To Blessed
Heartland Church, 11/16/14

How To Really Change
Heartland Church, 10/26/14

Navigating A Spiritual Mismatch
Heartland Church, 5/25/14

How To Turn An Entangled Mess Into Blended And Blessed
Heartland Church, 5/4/14

First Baptist Jackson, 4/6/14

Tear Up Your Fake I.D.
Heartland Church, 3/29/14

The Blessings Of Being Single
Heartland Church, 2/2/14

CPC Banquet
Ambassador Speakers, 2014

How to Be, Or Not to Be Rich
Heartland Church, 11/10/13

Limitless Passion
Heartland Church, 10/28/13

The Script For A Happy Marriage
Heartland Church, 7/14/13

The Script For Discipline
Heartland Church, 6/16/13

The Script For Discouragement
Heartland Church, 6/9/13

Mothers Are People Too
Heartland Church, 5/12/13

Everyone’s Going to Heaven, Right?
Heartland Church, 4/7/13

The Way to a Wise Life
Heartland Church, 3/3/13

Let Go Of Your Anger
Heartland Church, 12/16/12

Let Go Of Your Excuses
Heartland Church, 12/10/12

The Upside of Downsizing
Heartland Church, 11/5/12

The Seven Minutes That Matter Most
Heartland Church, 10/7/12

Divine Intervention
Heartland Church, 8/14/12

Great Expectations
Heartland Church, 7/1/12

Unto the Least of These
Heartland Church, 6/17/12

The “S” Word: Submitting to the Hard Lessons of Motherhood
Heartland Church, 5/13/12

It’s Time To Make A Change: Four Walls and a Fortress
Heartland Church, 2/5/12

40 Days of Faith: Taking The Initiative
Heartland Church, 11/28/11

A Missional Life
Heartland Church, 10/21/11

First Conference
Heartland Church, 1/2/11