Psalm 37:4 tells us to delight in the Lord and He’ll give us the desires of our hearts.

Delight in the Lord

What does this mean? It certainly does not mean that delighting in the Lord is a magic formula for obtaining the desires in our heart that are fleshly and self-involved! If you’re desiring something sinful, destructive, or something you can’t afford, and you’re truly delighting yourself in the Lord, He’ll change those desires, and you won’t feel the need to fulfill them. Only deluded and immature Christians think of God as a magician who provides things that would only distract them from Him.

So then, what does it truly mean to delight in the Lord? Let’s get a clearer idea by considering what it would mean if you had a friend you delighted in. Most likely, you would spend a great deal of meaningful time with that person. You would talk openly and honestly with him or her; you would look forward to your time together; you would seek ways of knowing that person more fully and intimately; and you would guard yourself from doing anything that would hurt, disappoint, or bring open shame upon your friend.

Well, that’s very much what it would look like for us to delight in the Lord. We delight in Him by attentively and enthusiastically reading His Word; by cherishing His promises to us; through open and honest prayer and meditation; and by seeking to honor Him in every area of our lives.

– Steve Arterburn