Anticipating Temptation

This post may seem obvious, but some times we have to be reminded of the basics. One of those basics for me is anticipating temptation.

We all know, when we are in our right minds and thinking clearly, that certain people, places and things will set off our temptation. Unfortunately, too often, we just blindly walk into situations where we feel caught off guard and there’s a struggle that ensues. But if we were careful to anticipate the situations, we would have our guard up and be ready for the fight. In fact, usually when we anticipate it, there isn’t even a fight.

So what are the anticipatory signs you need to be on the lookout for?

We need to break this down internally and externally.

Internally – what goes on inside me that leads to temptation?

  • Mind – thought patterns that are negative, self defeating, critical and pessmistic
  • Heart – emotions like fear, anger, loneliness, disappointment, the 3 I’s.
  • Soul – experiencing a drought spiritually or being disconnected from the Word.

Externally – what goes on outside me?

  • What restaurants typically have scandalously dressed women at lunchtime?
  • What billboards/signs/establishments will I pass on my way to the office?
  • What interactions do I know are on my calendar for today that make me feel uncomfortable?
  • Am I going anywhere today that the physical location is triggering?

These are some of the things I need to anticipate in order to honor God with my life. If I am aware of them, I can made commitments and decisions ahead of time so I’m not caught off-guard. When I do, the likelihood of living with integrity goes up.

What do you need to anticipate?


3 thoughts on “Anticipating Temptation

  1. Thank you just what I needed to hear at the right time!
    I’m dealing with a marriage that was destroyed by my sexual addiction. God has been amazing in this process. He has taken away the shame of it all and I working on accepting that gift. The temptations come when I think that I got the addiction beat. Then God comes in and says that by yourself you are weak and that you cant do it on your own, it is then that I realize that I had a choice to make. Accepting his forgiveness is the key to freedom from sin.

    I had gone a year free of porn when BAM out of the blue I was exposed and immediately curious what those old friends were up to. When I realized what was happening I immediately felt the shame of even looking and being suckered back in. Shame was the other old friend that I was talking about. It was enough to put me on my knees. I begged God to not let me get into that cycle sin, guilt and shame that traps you into the sin. It was then that I realized that the shame of it was the bondage of the sin. I again begged God but this time for him to take away the debilitating shame.

    God reminded me that Jesus died on the cross and bore that shame so we didn’t have to, I just had to accept his mercy and grace. It was the story of peter and Jesus washing his feet that made the difference for me. Peter telling Jesus that he wasn’t worthy of Jesus washing his feet. Jesus responded with; “unless I wash you, you will have no part of me.” Jesus is saying here that if you don’t accept that my dying on the cross makes you worthy of me washing your feet then you haven’t accepted Me and you cannot experience the Joy offered by my Death, the joy of freedom from shame and sin, therefore you are not a part of me. How can you serve and share the gospel if you haven’t experienced Jesus in the full.

    God reminded me of all this when I wanted to embrace my old friend shame. I started to cry tears of joy knowing that I didn’t have to experience that shame again. God was faithful and the chain was broken, no shame and true freedom. I still have to protect myself from that temptation but when I realize that God’s got my back it is a lot easier to run from it. Now when I am tempted I have to watch out for the triggers that trigger the temptation. I also remember the destruction that the sin caused to the people I love the most but I also remember the Mercy and Grace I experienced that caused a joy that causes me to never want to return to that sin again. The joy producing Grace, there is nothing like it and its contagious!

  2. Hey everyone what I read here is so true and its like exactly what I go through. I need to interact more with the people here because I’m still fighting through lustful looking and temptations. I have had a long story of relapses so many time because for some reason I couldn’t hang on to the positive spiritual thoughts. I’ve gone as far as frequenting escorts. And though many time I have felt repented, forgiven and else, at one point sometime somewhere my thoughts will wander and I. Would be back at it. I truly need the input of you guys here I really need to get my life back. This addiction is taking so much from me sometime I can’t be much productive in a day because I have all those ideas that finally lead me to the physical sin. I have started getting back on the right track recently, I talked about this with my mum and we prayed and I felt good and forgiven and ready to keep my walk with the lord. By I could feel the pressure from lust, I was able to hang on for a long while but its getting really intense. What should I do? It was through one moment of idleness and once again i got back looking at the escort site and else. I do not masturbate, I’m really not much into porn either, my eyes just wander much toward the actual reality, until I fall into sexual sin again. How to break this cycle?

  3. My friend Frank

    I know how you feel I was so used to frequent escort sites as well. But for me the way to defeat these feelings is not only through prayer but trying to identify those other negative feelings that occur along with your lust. I used to feel anger lonely or depressed. Once I felt those feelings I would use lust to alleviate the negativity of those feelings. Once you identify those negative feelings you can do something positive when you feel like that. In my case when I feel angry I focus on prayer the Bible on the positive things in my life. This normally helps me not only address the anger but weaken the feelings of lust.

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