3 Things We Must Admit for Recovery

3 Things We Must Admit for RecoveryOur core beliefs become skewed when we’re sexually addicted. Our actions and reactions to life are predicated on our core beliefs. So if they are slightly out of whack, not grounded in biblical truth, or altogether false, we’re going to stay stuck!

Here are 3 core beliefs we must acknowledge and admit in order to see our sanctification and recovery process move forward. Continue reading


Discouragement will drain your energy, especially when you face trials. That’s why it’s very helpful to spend time with people who know how to encourage. Some people know just what to do or say to remind you that life is worthwhile, even in the midst of pain and failure. They know how to inspire when there seems to be nothing to hope for. Barnabas, an early follower of Jesus whose name means ‘son of encouragement,’ was just that kind of guy. Continue reading

Honesty in Recovery

Imagine you are sitting in a group of men. You have been asked to be honest with this group of men and they have been asked to be honest with you. Then the question comes up, have you acted on a desire to masturbate this week? You feel it deep in the pit of your stomach. It’s that urge to bury it, to hide, to play it cool and hope nobody notices you shifting in your seat. You know you need to be honest to get anything out of this group. You’ve even asked them to ask you this question. You just never expected to have to answer with a yes. Continue reading