Hey Jesus, your sacrifice was wasted

I’m angry today. I’m frustrated. I’m hurt. I’m feeling overwhelmed and a little beat down. More than all that, I’m feeling a sense of resignation. Like giving up.

On what…you might ask…

On us.

I was on radio yesterday for 3 hours and story after story, caller after caller had the same situation. Someone in their life has basically looked Jesus in the eyes and said, “Hey, Jesus, your sacrifice was wasted on me. That whole ‘full life’ thing you talked about…nah, I’ll pass.”

Rather than resolve to live in humility, under God’s sovereign wing, surrendering to what he may be calling us to, we’ve allowed ourselves to fall into a dull, mediocre life justified with Scripture, rationalized with the realities of life’s difficulties, medicated with sex, money, alcohol, entertainment, sports and even church. We succumb to the gravitational pull towards brokenness, revenge, entitlement, greed, selfishness and perhaps worst of all, mediocrity.

I just can’t get my head around that Jesus came to earth, was beaten, abused, rejected, kicked out of his hometown, insulted, ridiculed and then murdered. For us. How many times during his life, especially in the 3yr period of his main ministry, did he think about cashing it in? So much easier to have been a fisherman. Or a tax collector. Or a pharisee. Anything other than following God’s call. Anything other than the way of pain and persecution.

But he didn’t give up. He didn’t resign. He didn’t give excuses for why it was too hard. He didn’t sit around pointing the finger at others, complaining about Peter being a hothead or Thomas being a whiner. He didn’t spend his time playing the victim card, trying to make some psychobabble justification for a mediocre life today based upon the fact that his parents forgot about him as a kid. He just, as best I can tell, woke up each day, looked it in the face, and adopted a posture of willingness to be led by the Spirit and committment to faithfully following the Father. He didn’t give up on me. Or you.

So I can’t resign or give up either. Because He didn’t. Hopefully, if you’re struggling with resignation, you won’t let it win the day. If nothing else, as an act of worship and a response to the model before us. Maybe today you decide to stop letting the past define your present, and ripoff your future. Perhaps today you decide to own your junk, and apologize to the people whom you love and have hurt the most. Maybe today you decide that it doesn’t matter whose fault it is, but you’ll be the one to take the first step towards fixing it. I hope so.


Strangely enough, after I sat down to write today, I saw Shelley’s latest post. I wanted you to see it too. Turns out we’re channeling the same wavelength – https://rlforwomen.com/whats-breaking-my-heart-today/

5 thoughts on “Hey Jesus, your sacrifice was wasted

  1. Dear sir: I am in pain as I sexually medicate myself on the internet. I am 63 yrs old. I KNOW how wrong I am and at the same time I can feel deep inside how great my life would be if I let go of my demons. I live by myself. I have not dated since my wife’s suicide in 1994 (4 days after Christmas). Didn’t want to get hurt again as she cheated on me 9 times. That’s no excuse but for sure I know one thing. I pray constantly for the Lord to help me with this horrible addiction. I cry so many times to stop but fail and fail and fail. I WILL NEVER STOP TRYING. THE LORD DESERVES MY BEST. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME !

    • Nothing hurts as bad as knowing that ur spouse is unfaithful. What I can say don’t give up. Keep raising up even when you fall. U are more than a victor. Always remember Jesus loves you

    • I know those horrible demons you mentioned. I too am in pain with this aweful addiction. Just want you to know that your last words uplifted me to continue fighting the good fight by rebuking the enemy in Jesus name.
      Lets Be strong in the Lord together Brother!

  2. Jason my friend, do not lose heart.
    Your work is important, and many of us are being blessed through your testimony and your steadfastness in the faith.
    My own husband has watched the convos, followed the blog, read your book and he has been tremendously blessed by your story. He is one keeping up the good fight; a thirty year addiction to pornography dead, and dying daily.

    Keep scattering out the seeds, sower! There are plants taking root in the good soil.

    This is for you and Shelley:

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