5 thoughts on “I have been recovering from sex addiction for 25yrs.

  1. Thank you for your interview on Radio Netherlands. I heard it on (Aust) ABC Radio National. I was already aware of sex addiction and had been attending Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous here in Melbourne, tho it’s a worldwide program. It has been wonderful, and I do hope you recommend it to all your clients, as it’s cheaper than therapy, but doesn’t replace therapy. The two work best in tandem.
    For me it was wonderful not to feel “odd”, but to realise there were many normal people who suffer these diseases or addictions. Incidentally, I expect you already know that many addicts are multi-addictive, and without therapy, it’;s all too easy to exchange one addiction for another. When I stopped fantasising about love, I started eating, so had to deal with that. My therapist has helped me to address the underlying causes. The emptiness you describe is probably common to all addictions.

    Thank you once again – this stuff needs talking about, publicity. People need to know there’s help.

    Jane B

  2. PLEASE give me one example of when David (a man after God’s own heart) ever bounced his eyes away from a woman?
    NO ONE can give me any Scripture!
    God made man in His image! Woman was made in man’s image and she was made to be an helper but in this day and age a man will NEVER find a woman who will be an helper!!!!!
    Women are not here to be helpers but to get what ever they can for their own ‘feelings’. This is not Biblical!!!!!
    Please respond, someone!

    • I would say that men and women are commonly carrying significant baggage in their lives.

      I have a qualified counsellor/ mentor in London and he tells me that he observes the same degree of disfunctional choices in single men as there are in single women.

      H has observed that the committed issue is equally bad in single women as single men.

      That is due to the church absorbing lies from culture at a much faster rate over the last 20 years or so

      Jon from London

      • Hi Jon,
        Thanks for chiming in from London! You’re right, we all have our junk. Thankfully we also all have the same choice to surrender it and work on it.

  3. What could be over stimulating a mans sex drive is caffeine it is a very power stimulate. What was a uncontrollable erge to masturbate always came after drinking coffee.

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