1 thought on “Jason on New Life Live about the September 2011 EMB Workshop

  1. My husband was on the WEB to try and get women to get what he is not getting at home. Asking to meet women, telling them what he can offer and what he wants from them. Wanting them to call him to meet somewhere. He accidently left the page up and I found it. He swears he would not have acting on anyone calling or contacting him. He masterbated to be able to get relief. I am not able to get over the thought of him already doing this and does not want to admitt to it. What can I do? He says it is all my fault but there is some blame to go to him also. He is acting like a single many instead of a married man and says he is going to continue because he sees nothing wrong with having fast cars and riding around late at night without his wife. He says I am no fun and he wants to have fun. Can you advise me on what to do? I told him about your web site and he looked you up but made no attempt to contact you. He thinks I should do it.

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