5 thoughts on “KitchenConvo – Forgiveness

  1. Thank you both again for another Kitchen-Convo. I can’t express how helpful these are. Shelly! I relate to every word you speak about your experience. I have forgiven my husband, (almost 2 yrs post EMB); however, there can be situations that trigger me into feeling that anger and mistrust again on occasion and I’ll feel that wall wanting to go up instantaneously! I take a step back, assess the reality of the situation, and sometimes an apology is warranted from my husband and sometimes it is warranted from me for allowing myself to step back too far into yesterday. It can be tricky sometimes; however, you are right on when it comes down to it…God is the one who supernaturally intervenes; He is the one, the only one, who can transform our minds and our hearts to be forgiving, and He does. He did for me. And yes, 70 times 7 is the number of times I will forgive my husband. He has worked hard on this, been accountable and responsible and if he steps off the track, he jumps right back on. As Steve Arterburn says, “He went to the dance, and he danced!!” Thank you again.

  2. I just wanted to thank you both for this intimate, real, raw tool. I often lead my clients to your chats as they begin the healing process.

  3. Thank you and your lovely wife. I saw your video. I know the Lord wanted me to see it. I am in utter despair. My heart is broken into a million pieces. Six months ago, I woke up in our bed room, only to see my Christian, Bible teacher husband watching porn. He has since admitted that his addiction, started at an early age . I have always suspected something was wrong. He stopped coming to bed at nights , For the past thirteen years or so. he would stay up very late “watching tv”. I would beg him to come upstairs to bed, but most times he would not. For many, many, years we argued about his” night time habits” in the basement. But he assured me he was only watching tv or exercising. Please Help me. I will never trust him again. Blessings to you and your lovely wife.

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