just launched

Shelley and I are pumped to announce that our new video course for couples is now available!



If you’re trying to navigate the healing process after betrayal through pornography, emotional/physical affairs or other sexual integrity issues, this video course can help!

The course will include 3 stages. The first stage (15 videos) is live, and the next stage is in production. In these videos and the workbook we talk in-depth about the challenging process of restoration. We cover details like-KC_WorkbookCover

  • How to prepare for full disclosure
  • How to do full disclosure
  • The grieving process – for the husband and wife
  • How husbands can help their wives’ grieving process
  • How to navigate life after disclosure
  • What to do if there are slips

Plus I’ve included 3 WhiteBoard Session videos where I diagram key aspects of the recovery process and how to handle them. Here’s an example –


We believe this video course will be incredibly beneficial, giving guidance and hope through authentic conversations and practical advice.

Click here to check out the course!