Lustful Looking – Woman at the Well

In the Book of John, Chapter 4 we read a story of Jesus hanging out with a Samaritan woman at the well of Jacob. Jesus, being Jesus, knows more about her than she realizes upon initial interaction. Whether by divorce or adultery, which are debated, this woman is no stranger to men. And likely also no stranger to reeling men in.

So here is Jesus, solo with this woman, in a potentially precarious situation. Let’s get down to brass tacks here – he could have flirted with her. He could have fantasized about her naked. He may have been tempted to look down her shirt when she leaned over to grab her bucket of water!

But Jesus wasn’t a lustful looker.

He was more concerned about her soul; her present life and her eternal destiny. He wasn’t interested in the flesh she wore – he was living with the perspective that his life was short, his purpose was redemption, and his call was proclaiming the love of God.

Here’s a tip to stop lustful looking – be more concerned with the soul of a female human than the flesh that soul is covered in. Focus on our greater call of reflecting God’s glory rather than being so simple and shallow as to be lulled into the temporal temptation of flesh.

The next time you’re at Starbucks waiting on your super soy, light whip mochanilla frappawhatever, I encourage you to take a bird’s eye view and see the many souls in line around you in need of a Savior, rather than the people waiting to pick up their orders. Be mindful of the brokenness on the inside, and fight the urge to objectify the body on the outside.



8 thoughts on “Lustful Looking – Woman at the Well

  1. Awesome. That’s a definite goal of mine as I am changing. I also wonder about the woman caught in adultery – – if she was caught in the act of adultery perhaps she only had a sheet around her – – Jesus did not lust then either; all of the Pharisees left when Jesus asked them if any of them send to throw the first stone. Perhaps they lusted after her? Either way, they all walked away and Jesus was left.

  2. This addiction has claimed my marriage of 21 years and a friend of 40 this addiction does not care I
    Love my wife but have lost her for now maybe for good and it has done nothing but tearing me a part
    Inside Everytime I see her I’m just lost on what to do?

    • My husbands addiction has cost us in every way possible. The women, the money spent, the time wasted fighting because of him pushing me away in order for him to pursue his addiction. I have know him 36 years and he is more intiment with the women on line than he has ever been with me. (30+fake profiles I have). He dosen’t know how much I know about his addiction. He is constantly lying constantly seeking women to meet up with or masterbate with on line and a endless cloud of porn on the internet. When one of his women stop talking to him He lashes out on me with rage and treats me very badly emotionally. I do know about the anger and it is almost deadly at times when he is not able to act out as it has been called. What kind of help is out there. He is my best friend but after 36yrs im so sad that he will never be capable to give me the kind of love I thought I once knew with him. Since I have found out everything in our lives feels like it has been a lie but it all makes since at the same time now.

      • I truly hope and pray you find and get the help you need. This comment may be years late, however please search for and practise the steps laid out by Derek Prince (find his message videos on YouTube) to get free from this and be delivered. God bless you.

  3. Thank you for the encouragement. I live with my wife of 12 years. It’s been 6 years since we been together intimately. Every once in a while I dabble in the porn. It’s not God’s intentions. Honestly, it wasn’t mine either. But when my wife told me that I would never touch her again, I moved out of the bedroom and into the back room with the storage. We lived like roommates ever since. It’s no excuse for the point but that’s what I turned to every once in awhile.
    I love God, He has done so much for me. I truly want to get my act together. I want my Heavenly Father to be proud of me.

  4. To whomsoever this may concern. He, who has no sin cast the first stone. I am no one to judge you but I must remind you this life style doesn’t come from God. Its luring many to the depths of hell. Everytime we surrender our will to sin it reveals our weaknesses. We can justify, excuse or even ignor but inwardly its gnawing at our soul, we ate of the forbidden fruit; we violated our vows before the God, who will either expunge our record clean through HIS SON or HE will serve as judge n sentence that soul to the second death. Friends, God loves you n HE only wants what’s best for you. Enough talk, pray, fast read the Word in areas your challenged n attend church services. God bless you.

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