Shouldering Her Weaknesses

Steve Arterburn

What baggage does your wife carry? She’s surely no more immune than you. Therefore, she may be burdened from any number of traumatic events in her past.


Are you allowing for your wife’s weakness, loving her for who she is today, and not for who she might be at some point down the line? Sure, you may be shocked and dismayed at the weaknesses in your wife that were hidden until marriage exposed them. Maybe she comes from an abusive and dysfunctional background. Maybe she isn’t a very strong Christian. Maybe she was even promiscuous before she met you.

Any of these things may be true. But some other important things are true as well. Your wife did forsake her individual freedom in taking you as her husband, believing you would provide love and strength for her. Your wife is still God’s little lamb, regardless of the pain she’s been through and the wounds she carries. Don’t forget: God has entrusted her to you. Will you resent her? Or does your heart warm at the task of restoration? Is there any nobler act than pouring out your mercy on your precious bride?

Men, relate with your spouse based upon who she is today. Not upon what you want her to be. So what if she isn’t who she should be today? Are you? Besides, it’s not important that she becomes everything you expect. It’s important that she becomes like Christ. Impart to her the same grace, mercy and strength that Christ imparts to you.

1 thought on “Shouldering Her Weaknesses

  1. I am both angered and hurt by this article. Not because I don’t agree with it, I do. I am angered and hurt because as in so many articles today the implication is that we men are the complete cause of a woman’s or marriages failure. I agree that men’s uncontrolled lust is a major cause of the problem women face within a marriage. What happen’s when the man DOES repent, change and attempt to better the marriage and the woman doesn’t. It isn’t always what we men expect our wives to do or become. I think it is the unrealistic view of the public in general and women that women don’t have to change – just the men.

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