Deuteronomy 8:6 – Observe the commands of the LORD your God, walking in obedience to him and revering him.

We are, by nature, disobedient. Our bent is towards independence and individuality. Our brokenness as a result of original sin has created a tendency in us to go our own way and to disobey the authority of God. Think for a moment about raising kids:  do we have to teach them to lie or teach them to tell the truth? Do we have to teach them to follow the rules or break them? Our bent is inherently sinful, isn’t it?

In sexual sin, we are allowing ourselves to be controlled by the sin nature. We are outwardly defiant. We are looking our father in the face and saying, ” I know you think you know what is best for my life and my sexuality, but I don’t trust you. I trust ME.” We become very skilled at ignoring God’s commands, rationalizing why we don’t or shouldn’t follow them, then behaving in a way that thumbs our nose at Him. We all know, by experience, that repetitive disobedience makes each subsequent defiance a little easier.
It is important to know that the reverse is true too! The more we choose into obedience and revering God, the easier it becomes to obey His commands. The less you act out sexually the easier it will become to avoid acting out sexually. Obedience, we must remember, is not about avoiding some bad behavior for the sake of good behavior. Obedience is a response to the love of a Father God who deeply cares about his kids. We’ll be more likely to obey when we begin to accept that God’s commands aren’t to kill our fun or simply make us uncomfortable, but are instead to bolster our joy. Obedience isn’t about what we do so much as it’s a response to who God is and how much He loves us.

Specifically, how might God be calling you to obedience with sexual sin? Remember, “just stop it” is not a satisfactory answer. Perhaps He is asking you to filter your internet, delete an app on your phone, tell your wife the truth or call it off with your mistress. I hope you’ll choose into joy and respond to His loving request.