Thankya Lawd

A quick devotional thought for the day:

Years ago, we helped my wife’s grandmother move. She had to have been in her 80’s at that point. As we shuffled things around she would point, direct, and supervise the process of culling through her things. Finally it was time to leave and we walked her down the sidewalk to the car.  As we escorted her through the door and off the porch, we had to navigate a few steps. Quietly, but aloud, after every step Nana would say, “Thankya Lawd”  That’s Texan for Thank You, Lord…in case you were wondering.

In the years since, Nana has passed away, but Shelley and I have lovingly use her little phrase when talking about things we’re thankful for. It’s a tribute to her in a sense, as well as a useful habit for us. Practicing thankfulness is so important. Especially in the little things. It is easy to forget that our Big God is interested in the little things of our lives.

Nana was thankful for making it down a step. When was the last time you thanked God for not falling going down a step? Me? Probably never.  I have a habit of overlooking the little things that God is present with me in. In my addiction, I couldn’t see where God was present in anything, partly because he seemed absent from the big things. But that is a wrong perspective.

To overlook God’s presence in the little things because He seems absent in the big things is faulty thinking.

I urge you to practice thankfulness in the little things over the next couple days. Do something specifically to cultivate gratitude. Take the first minute of every waking hour to be thankful for something. Have you been sexually sober while reading this (man, I hope so!)? Thank God. Did you make it down a step or two this morning? Thank God. Did you make it to work without hitting a pedestrian? Barely, but me too! Thank the Lord.

Here’s the Thankful List I’m starting this morning. What’s yours?

  1. I got to walk my oldest son to school.
  2. My middle son wanted me to hug him.
  3. Shelley didn’t leave me.
  4. Norman, our baby, was happy while I was feeding him.
  5. I have a car that works.
  6. I get to help people for a living.
  7. Sweet tea.
  8. Moontower tacos (a taco shop across from my office).
  9. I have a jacket in the Denver cold.
  10. I went down 6 steps without falling.