What is the Every Man’s Battle Workshop?
The Every Man’s Battle Workshop is a three-day intensive program for men who are struggling with sexual integrity. If a man is involved with pornography, affairs, or other sexual temptations, this workshop will give him the tools to achieve victory in this battle. It is Christ-centered, and uses a combination of teaching sessions and small group work, led by licensed Christian counselors. Every Man’s Battle is presented by New Life Ministries.

What is New Life Ministries?
New Life Ministries is a nationally syndicated Christian radio/TV ministry and provider of programs dedicated to spiritual transformation. New Life was founded by Stephen Arterburn in 1988 as a Christian inpatient treatment organization, and then expanded into outpatient care and radio ministry in 1994. The New Life Live! radio program is a one hour call-in broadcast hosted by Stephen Arterburn. The program airs on over 200 stations around the country and the Sirius XM Satellite Radio networks. Supporting the radio ministry is our New Life Resource Center, available toll free at 800-639-5433. Our Ministry Service Representatives assist over 4,500 callers each month in finding workshops, outpatient counselors, books, and other resources to meet their needs. In addition to the Every Man’s Battle workshop, New Life also offers the Intimacy in Marriage, Restore, and Emotional Freedom workshops and treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. New Life is the nation’s largest provider of Christian counseling services; our outpatient counseling network has nearly 1000 licensed counselors across the United States, offering individual and family counseling for every need.

How did the Every Man’s Battle workshops begin?
Immediately following the release of the book, Every Man’s Battle, written by Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker, New Life Ministries saw a sharp increase in calls from those seeking help in this area. In November, 2000 we held our first workshop at a retreat center in eastern Maryland. The response was so great we immediately made plans to hold these workshops once per month in cities around the country. Now in our 19th year of offering these monthly events, approximately 13,000 men have attended an Every Man’s Battle workshop.

Where are the workshops located?
The workshops are held monthly at hotels in cities around the country. We always encourage a person in need to attend the next workshop scheduled rather than one that may be closer to home scheduled further in the future. Each workshop draws men from all over the country, some traveling a distance even when a workshop is coming to their area further out in the future.

What is included in the workshop?
Here are a few things included as part of the Every Man’s Battle Workshop:

  • Two nights of lodging and six meals
  • Eight teaching sessions on sexual integrity issues
  • Seven small-group sessions led by Christian counselors for in-depth exploration of the teaching session topics
  • A ratio of one counselor for every eight to ten attendees

What kinds of topics are covered?

  • The Nature of Sexual Temptation
  • False Intimacy
  • Boundaries
  • Restoring Trust and Communication in Marriage
  • Temptation Cycles and How to Manage Them
  • Emotional Conflicts Common in Recovery
  • The Daily Disciplines in Recovery
  • Shame: Its Impact and Its Management
  • Relapse Prevention

Is there a limit to how many can attend?
Capacity varies depending on the location. We encourage early registration to ensure a place. Regardless of attendance, we are committed to having at least one counselor for every ten attendees.


  • If you cancel 10 days or more prior to the workshop, you’ll receive a refund of the amount you’ve paid minus an administration fee of $200.
  • If you cancel less than 10 days before the start of the workshop, no refund shall be given. Registration fees may be rolled over to another confirmed Every Man’s Battle workshop, but a transfer fee of $100 per person will be assessed.

Who should attend this workshop?
The EMB workshop is for men who find themselves pulled into use of pornography, those who seek out sexual gratification through compulsive masturbation, massage parlors, or prostitutes, or those who have been involved in extramarital affairs.

The EMB workshop has had attendees who are married, single and divorced, those who have come from every denomination and major religion. Most men come to EMB reluctantly. The decision to get help is often at the urging—or in some cases ultimatum—of a wife who has reached a point where she cannot stay married unless her husband takes action. Other men are self-motivated, determined to rid themselves of this burden to their lives and finally willing to admit that they cannot do it alone. At New Life Ministries we have seen countless incidents of families being destroyed by this destructive problem. We’ve seen men lose their families and their spiritual walk as the sexual temptations that started in small ways begin to consume them.

Sexual addiction, like all other addictive behaviors, is progressive. What satisfies today at some point will not be enough, and the need for more intense stimulation will be required. Over the years we’ve spoken to hundreds of men who waited, able to convince themselves that occasional use of pornography was no big deal. Many of these men hit bottom only when the addiction worsened to include other forms of sexual acting-out. For some this only occurs after something worse – such as divorce – or irreversible – like a sexually transmitted disease, had crept into their lives. We want to help men take the steps necessary to be victorious over sexual temptation one day at a time. Our biggest goal is to help reach men before the problem ever becomes a consuming addiction; that is why we began the Every Man’s Battle Workshop.

Do you have anything for wives or girlfriends?
When a married man is struggling with sexual integrity problems, the emotional effects on the wife are often devastating. All of the hopes of fidelity and security that began on the wedding day may be shattered, and those wounds are not easily healed. Feelings of anger, mistrust, and betrayal are not repaired quickly or without work. We know that every married woman’s desire is to be in a relationship that is built on trust, secure in knowing that her husband is faithful to her in every way. For that reason we have established our three-day Restore Workshop, which is designed to help a wife or a girlfriend in this situation understand her role in her husband’s struggle and recovery.

Are meals included?
YES, all meals are included.