When you have an appetite that asks to be fed, you have a choice as to how you’re going to feed it. At almost every point of decision, you’ll be tempted to satisfy your appetites in a way that does little more than nourishes your sinful desires and strengthens your resistance to God. However, you have another choice: you can choose to feed your soul and strengthen yourself from the inside out.

Fellowship with God

There are many skills and strategies that can help you fight temptation and control your appetites, and you would be wise to learn them all well. But none are more important, more effective, or more rewarding than fellowship with God!

As we spend time with our heavenly Father, we gain wisdom and understanding. We grow stronger spiritually. As a result, we become more able to utilize the resources He makes available to us. Through this growth, we become better equipped and better prepared to fight the good fight of faith by standing firm against the temptations that assail us.

It’s through fellowship with God that we open ourselves to the fulfillment we were designed for, a fulfillment that satisfies our cravings and our desires better and longer than any other alternative.

As you fellowship with God through time spent in His Word, through relationships with other believers, and through loving service to others, you gain the accountability, structure, and support you need to control and redirect your appetites for redemptive ends.

– Steve Arterburn