We admitted that we were powerless over our dependencies and that our lives had become unmanageable.

lrd-gods-powerMany of us believe that God’s law is good and that it provides helpful moral standards. We may try hard to be perfect, but find ourselves frustrated. Some of us may be troubled by this, and we probably avoid thinking about it. We try not to feel the shame and guilt that come with violating these ­values that we’ve taken as our own. We may pretend that everything is fine with us and focus on another person’s addiction to avoid our own inner conflict.

Isaiah tells us, “Because he is righteous, the Lord has exalted his glorious law. But his own people have been robbed and plundered, enslaved, imprisoned, and trapped. They are fair game for anyone. . . . The people would not walk in his path, nor would they obey his law” (Isaiah 42:21-22, 24). The words translated obey literally mean “take it to heart.” God wanted his people to take his law to the depth of their being. This is the part of us where we feel, think, and choose.

The law of God is designed to magnify God’s righteousness, not ours! “We are all infected and impure with sin. When we display our righteous deeds, they are nothing but filthy rags” (Isaiah 64:6). When we are powerless over sin to the point where we become enslaved and unprotected, God wants us to “take it to heart.” When we allow ourselves to feel and think and choose in response to our own powerlessness, we are on our way to finding God’s power, the only power that leads to freedom.

Our powerlessness leads us directly to God’s power.

Taken from The Life Recovery Devotional copyright © 1991 by Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.