How’s Your Plan Working?For some of you reading this, the Every Man’s Battle workshop is still a fresh experience; you’re still on the mountain top, and your recovery is exciting. For others who may be a year or two removed from an Every Man’s Battle workshop, things have drifted back to the routine, and some of the ‘warm fuzzies’ of the workshop have faded. Whichever group you find yourself in, one thing is for sure: for your recovery to be successful and meaningful, it will be extremely important to stick to the action plan you developed at Every Man’s Battle.

One of the hardest parts about sticking to your action plan is that sometimes it gets a little mundane, a little routine. One of the guys there at the workshop, in his sweatshirt and jeans, flexed his muscles and said that as guys, “We’re more ‘hero’ oriented than ‘routine’ oriented. Give me a burning house and a baby, and I’ll show you what a hero I can be, he said. But ask me to take out the trash or get up 15 minutes earlier to put on coffee for my wife? C’mon, that’s a little boring.” Yet that’s what recovery is all about — doing the mundane, doing the routine, doing it consistently!

What’s the action plan? It’s what the Every Man’s Battle staff recommended you do upon leaving the Every Man’s Battle workshop. First, connect with an accountability partner and join an accountability group — a New Life Sustained Victory group or a Life Recovery group in your area. Both will get you connected with someone who isn’t afraid to ask you the tough questions and who will recognize when you’re trying to manipulate. This person doesn’t have to be in recovery from sexual addiction themselves, although that is helpful; but they do need to be available and willing to meet with you on a weekly basis, and they do need to be honest with you and demand honesty from you.

Another part of the Every Man’s Battle action plan is for you to be seeing a Christian counselor, pastor, or someone in leadership at your church. This will help you stay spiritually focused. And speaking of staying spiritually focused, starting off your day with some prayer and Bible reading is the best way to let your Heavenly Father know you’re grateful for all of the gifts He has given you.

Recovery is all about doing the mundane, doing the routine, and doing it consistently!

So, how are you doing with your action plan? If you don’t have an accountability partner or group yet, or if you need help finding a Christian counselor in your area, call us at 800-639-5433. We can help get you connected and can recommend other helpful resources for your ongoing recovery. If you didn’t join Sustained Victory phone coaching–join now. Lastly, if you’re not spending time with the Lord during the day, carve out 15 minutes to do that. It may not sound exciting, but it is the ordinary things in life that we do consistently that keeps us in recovery!