For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible, rank after rank after rank of angels-everything got started in Him and finds its purpose in Him. – Colossians 1:16 MSG

living-on-purpose.newlifeRosa Parks was a seamstress from Montgomery, Alabama, exhausted from a hard day’s work, quietly riding home on a bus. But God had plans for her that were simply too big for Parks, or anyone else for that matter, to understand.

In 1955, African-Americans were expected to give up their seats and go to the back of the bus whenever a white rider or a bus driver ordered them to move. But on one fateful day, Rosa was told to move, and she refused. She was promptly arrested. This personal protest against injustice ignited the civil rights movement in Alabama and in America. And when she died in 2005, Rosa Parks became the first woman to lie in state in the U.S. Capitol rotunda. It was an honor that was, of course, richly deserved.

Whether you realize it or not, you’re not that different from Rosa Parks: You can make big changes in your world if you summon the character-building courage to stand up for your beliefs. So if you’re under the illusion that you’re just one small person, and that you can’t do big things for God, remember a former seamstress whose quiet dignity and fierce determination sparked a revolution. Then get busy looking for something you can change. When you do, you’ll never take a back seat to anybody.

Perhaps you’re in a hurry to understand God’s unfolding plan for your life. If so, remember that God operates according to a perfect timetable. That timetable is His, not yours. So be patient. God has big things in store for you, but He may have quite a few lessons to teach you before you are fully prepared to do His will and fulfill His purpose.

– Steve Arterburn

We must focus on prayer as the main thrust to accomplish God’s will and purpose on earth. The forces against us have never been greater, and this is the only way we can release God’s power to become victorious. – John Maxwell 

Let us live with urgency. Let us exploit the opportunity of life. Let us not drift. Let us live intentionally. We must not trifle our lives away. – Raymond Ortlund 

When God speaks to you through the Bible, prayer, circumstances, the church, or in some other way, He has a purpose in mind for your life. – Henry Blackaby and Claude King 

Thank  you, Lord that you give my life purpose. Help me to always be mindful that first and foremost, my purpose is to be a witness for you. Help me to be your hands, your Feet and your heart to a world that needs you. Amen.