Topics: NewlywedsAdult ChildrenDatingGriefCareerGetting Unstuck
Hosts: Steve ArterburnDr. Jill HubbardMilan Yerkovich

Caller Questions:

  1. How do I help my daughter who got married less than 2yrs ago, then went through chemo, and is now separated? tweet this episode of New Life Live
  2. I am dating a man whose mom just died and he isolates. How do I talk to him about it when I lost my dad to COVID in January? tweet this episode of New Life Live
  3. At 56yo, what kind of counseling license should I get? I would like to start a Life Recovery Group and be a counselor at Every Man’s Battle workshop. tweet this episode of New Life Live
  4. How do I change my attitude toward my marriage? I felt pressured to get married at an early age. tweet this episode of New Life Live

Suggested Resources:
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Life Recovery Workbook for Grief
Take Your Life Back

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