Topics: GriefAdult ChildrenPornographyMother IssuesVerbal AbuseAging ParentsTrustIntimacy
Hosts: Becky Brown, Dr. Jill Hubbard, JJ West

Caller Questions:

  1. My adult children don’t like what I think, say, or do; do I need to uncover what has caused them to have this wound? We are grieving recent deaths in the family. tweet this episode of New Life Live
  2. I have been addicted to porn since I was 11yo; what can I do to overcome it? tweet this episode of New Life Live
  3. My mom keeps leaving my verbally abusive stepdad and going back to him. tweet this episode of New Life Live
  4. What’s going on with me that I get jealous of my wife looking at other men at the gym? She is 10yrs younger than me. tweet this episode of New Life Live

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