Topics: Sexual AbuseSalvationAvoidersEstrangementAdult ChildrenCounseling
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Alice Benton, Dr. Jill Hubbard

Caller Questions:

  1. A long time ago my brother’s daughter and my daughter were molested by our dad. How do I talk to my brother about God when he can’t get past God allowing this to happen? tweet this episode of New Life Live
  2. Is there something else that I need to do besides pray for my husband and adult kids? My husband of 34yrs is avoidant, and our adult kids are distant or don’t talk to us at all. tweet this episode of New Life Live
  3. How do I interact with my 21yo son if he refuses to talk to us? I’m paying for his therapy, but I don’t even know what they discuss. tweet this episode of New Life Live

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