Topics: CoachingLove AddictionScamParentingAnxietyNewlywedsIntimacyTeens
Hosts: Becky Brown, Dr. Jill Hubbard, Dr. Jim Burns

Caller Questions:

  1. Elizabeth Lewis, a New Life Coach, talks about what it’s like to coach singles so that they’re ready to love again. tweet this episode of New Life Live
  2. How can I help a relative who meets romance scammers online and has sent over a million dollars to them? tweet this episode of New Life Live
  3. How do we talk to my anxious 11yo daughter who tries to self-soothe by nail biting, touching herself, and letting the cat scratch her? tweet this episode of New Life Live
  4. What’s the point of me being married when my new husband won’t communicate with me and doesn’t even sleep in the same bed as me? tweet this episode of New Life Live
  5. How do I approach my angry, defensive 15yo son who won’t take a shower? I have trauma and anxiety from a head injury. tweet this episode of New Life Live

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