Topics: Self Worth, Pornography, Disclosure, Christian Walk, Guilt, Boundaries
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Dave Stoop
Guest Host: Jason Martinkus

Caller Questions:

  1. How can I overcome low self-esteem and get confidence?
  2. Should I follow the advice of my AA sponsor and not tell my wife about my porn?
  3. Are common law marriages OK in the eyes of God?
  4. How do I overcome guilt for not giving money to unemployed family members?

Suggested Resources:
You Are What You Think
Life Recovery Bible

This is the Every Man’s Battle testimony Steve read on the radio today:

This has been the best Christian program that’s ever been presented to me.  I didn’t realize that I was a sex addict and didn’t see that I was harming myself, family, and future because of this problem.  I’ve read Every Man’s Battle but still didn’t seem to get victory over this sin.  I’m happy to say I’ve been delivered, healed, and set free.  I have a game plan and support with connection with brothers in Christ who have overcome and are working on a daily basis to stay sexually pure.  I believe God put me here to show me how I can forever stay set free and delivered.  I want to help men come clean and free from this horrible trap that Satan has webbed us into.  – George


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