Topics: Adult Children, Estrangement, Church Life, Divorce, Parenting, Sexual Integrity, Connection,
Hosts: Steve Arterburn
Guest Hosts: Jason Martinkus and Chris Williams

Caller Questions:

  1. My daughter ran off with a married man, and I do not know where she is.
  2. I attend a megachurch and they are unresponsive to my attempts to get connected; what can I do?
  3. How do I respond to my small kids telling me they have a new daddy?
  4. My husband is now in therapy after porn and prostitutes; should I leave him anyway?
  5. How do I get closer to my adult daughter who loves my money and babysitting but not my advice?

Suggested Resources:
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Here is the Women in the Battle workshop testimony that was read on the radio today:

Before attending Women in the Battle, I felt like I was in a slow downward spiral to my death. I felt like I was dying from the inside out. This weekend has been the kick start to me saying goodbye to the old me, my old marriage, and dreams. I can now say hello to a new life with hope and power to ask what I need now and that is ok! This weekend saved my life (physically, emotionally, and spiritually.) – Meredith

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