Topics: DatingCaregiverGetting UnstuckChristian WalkDifficult ConversationsDepressionGrief
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Guest Hosts Marilyn Meberg and Luci Swindoll
Caller Questions (recorded on the New Life Alaska Cruise):

  1. I was hurt when my dad had an affair; how can I heal from it so I can date? 
  2. How can a caregiver keep sane and not be absorbed into the ill person? 
  3. Can you get stuck in your healing because you keep praying for someone to change? 
  4. Are we missing out if we aren’t involved in any type of therapy or healing group? 
  5. Should I let my ex-daughter-in-law know I have contact with my out-of-wedlock grandchild? 
  6. How do I move out of sadness and depression? 
  7. What does grieving look like? Screaming? Crying? Anger? 

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