Topics: CounselingCoachingNarcissistsSuicideForgivenessAlcoholEstrangementGrandparentingReconciliationBoundaries
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Alice Benton, Becky Brown

Caller Questions:

  1. Daniel Grossman, a board-certified master coach, called to talk about the differences between coaching and counseling tweet this episode of New Life Live
  2. I attempted suicide several times, and God miraculously delivered me from my narcissism. How do I keep from becoming prideful and ending up in the same place? tweet this episode of New Life Live
  3. My mom left my alcoholic dad when I was five; decades later God used me to share the Gospel with him so he could receive Christ before he died. tweet this episode of New Life Live
  4. How do I stop loving on my grandchildren like my estranged daughter wants? tweet this episode of New Life Live
  5. My mom had me at 13yo and gave me away; how do I have a relationship with them today when they only want money from me? tweet this episode of New Life Live

Suggested Resources:
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