Topics: DatingParentingWeight LossChristian WalkSexual AddictionCross-dressingBoundaries
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Guest Hosts Marilyn Meberg and Shannon Ethridge

Caller Questions:

  1. I have been dating a girl who is 10yrs younger, how can we connect emotionally and spiritually moving forward? 
  2. How do I help my 10yo son manage his emotional attachment to food? 
  3. Why did my asthma come back after being healed years ago? 
  4. It is too late to save my marriage, but I am so grateful for Every Man’s Battle and Sustained Victory helping me with my addiction! 
  5. Should I object to my daughter inviting a cross-dresser to style hair at her wedding? 
  6. What boundaries should I set for my husband in mid-life crisis? 

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