Topics: TrustMasturbationParentingSelf WorthBlended Families 
Hosts: Dr. John TownsendDr. Sheri Keffer

Caller Questions:

  1. After disclosing my sex addiction, how do I help my wife feel safe and heal? 
  2. Is it ever OK to masturbate? 
  3. My 18yo son feels worthless because his father and stepfather were not good role models. 
  4. How do I respond to my ex-husband marrying a woman who devalues me in front of our kids? 

Suggested Resources:
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Raising Great Kids


Here are the 3 Steps Dr. Sheri Keffer mentioned on “How to Create a Safe Place“:

  1. Be honest and truthful at all costs.
  2. Authenticity. Be ok with your brokenness.
  3. Ask you spouse, “Honey, what do you need from me today to feel safe?.”  Then listen.

Practice these steps on a near daily basis.


This is the Healing is a Choice testimony Dr. Townsend read on the radio today:

Before this Healing Is a Choice weekend, I was overwhelmed, feeling hopeless and experiencing tremendous grief. This was negatively impacting my physical well-being and spiraling me into depression. Life as a people pleaser wasn’t working for me. This weekend has been freeing. I feel the weight of all my grief listing and my hope has been restored as I now understand how reframing my life is crucial. The enemy is a liar and I no longer believe that I am insufficient and unworthy of being loved. I am leaving with purpose and conviction – surrendered and no longer broken and in despair. I gained new sisters in Christ who demonstrated love and encouraged me in prayer. I feel accepted and blessed. – Lorna

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